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College Meeting for Freshman, Sophomore, & Juniors

By Matt Ventura, 11/18/17, 11:30AM EST



Preparing for College!

Hello parents and divers. The following are notes from our meeting with Buck about preparing for college visits. Feel free to call, text, or email me (Matt Ventura) with any questions or concerns.

College coaches want to see how you are progressing. Showing videos of you doing the proper fundamentals including dives in and out of belts, ground flips, trampoline skills and flips, dryboard skills and flips, ect is the best way to show your potential!

Specific things college coaches look for:

  • Standing 03’s or “rotating line ups” on 3-meter
  • 01’s Tuck and Pike on 1-meter and 3-meter
  • Line ups
  • Ground flips 102,202,302,402
  • Trampoline and dryboard dives, flips, and skills/progressions
  • Belt work
  • Ground skills.

Questions that will may come up:

  1. What level should my kid be looking at. (Smaller fish bigger pond, bigger fish in smaller pond) Mid American Conference vs Big 10 Conference.
  • Best college to suit you for your diving. Desire to dive at a bigger college that is well known compared to a college with still good education and available scholarship.
  1. How far do you want to go / travel?
  2. Financial cost
  3. Name of college and education

Here at legacy we training primarily with belts. Most colleges and clubs may not even have belts. This is a big adjustment that divers will need to adapt to. We will do our best as coaches, and you need to do your best as athletes to learn and workout dives outside of belts. It is a different environment learning dives / working on dives out of belts. Just keep in mind that the college you are looking at may or may not have belts available.

Use sports recruit!!

Sports Recruit allows you to show your academics, your performance in diving. You are able to choose schools and connect with these schools based on your travel needs, financial needs, academic requirements,  diving recruitment and many others.

Think of sports recruit as your personal athletic Facebook profile for coaches to view. Show yourself off!

Things to include on your sports recruit profile:

  1. Viding of dryland skills ( ground flips, trampoline flips, dryboard flips)
  2. Video of your dives in and out of belts
  3. 03’s on 3-meter standing
  4. 01’s all levels
  5. Optional’s in and out of belts.
  6. Academic status
  7. Information about you!

Show as much of your skills as possible. As many videos of your diving and your skill progression. Take down old video if you have better video of yourself doing that same skill/dive.

Things to remember!

  1. Juniors can call/email ask questions as juniors but college coaches cannot directly contact you as an official visit. Offical date for college coaches to contact juniors is July 1st!
  2. CC Buck Smith on all emails to college coaches! Include Buck and use him as a helpful resource. He is here for you and wants to help as much as he can!
  3. College coaches want it made very simple. The simpler it is, the more the coach may want you. Make it simple for the coach!
  4. Visits are difficult. They are at first fun but then it is a lot of traveling. Do as many unofficial and schedule you official visits properly.
  5. Look for two types of money. Academic and Athletic. Coaches look for both for the athlete. Any academic money take it, any on top of that will be athletic which can be called a full technically. Get academic that can supplement the athletic. 


Currently kids are setting up visits in December during their junior year. Everything is being pushed earlier and earlier. Kids are setting up visits without even talking to the coach. Texting has made things easier as well. It is best to be on top of things early. The earlier the better and the more information the better.

Make a list of 30+ schools and give this list to Buck. Buck will take those schools and help narrow the schools down. He will also give the pros and cons for each school and then it is eventually on the athlete.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!!! Scholarships, Team dynamic, if the coach plans on staying all 4 years, Ect. Parents go with athletes and ask those questions. Don’t be afraid. Make it as transparent as possible.

Plan as much as you can, you will miss meets and other things but plan ahead as best as possible. Official visits are all paid for by at least division 1 schools.

Get your official visits planned out if they are far away. Let the closer ones that are easier to get to become an unofficial visit. 5 official visits allowed. If it is a school you are sure you want to go to, make it an official!

You can start as a walk on and receive money throughout your time. Always ask the criteria to get more money throughout your college career. You may get money and that might be all the money you get. Ask those questions!

Typically coaches wont / can’t take scholarships / money away unless it’s a disciplinary problem.

NCAA eligibility center. (clearing house) Start to register for that, you need to have all of those things on that website filled out. You send your transcripts, your act/sct and you have to meet the number of core classes to make you eligible. 16 core classes.


  1. You need to hit 16 core classes by the end of your year.
  2. Core gps min 2.3, NCAA min, act/sat (they are trying to get away from the act so take sat)
  3. English, math, sciences, check with counselor.
  4. NCAA initial review, it will show you what you need. You can take up to 1 online class after you graduate to meet your minimum requirement.
  5. Cannot lose your scholarship due to injury.

College season starts late august earlier September. Mid march is when it ends. As soon as it ends we have post season, no longer 20 hours a week and goes down to 8 hours. Then in the summer they can switch over to their club teams. Some colleges will pressure you to stay for the summer and dive, but it cannot be required. Ask how adamant will you be to have the diver stay. Training year round is very important.

Depending on the school chances could be different if you don’t have tower or can’t do tower. Tower divers we consider are 10m divers,But 5/7-meter are just more for scoring points if they can’t make you a “tower diver.”